Theresa-Marie Rhyne’s viewpoint


We present here my journey in the fields of visualization and digital media production. Recently, we also produced Blog articles and videos on some of  these efforts as well.

Starting with the introduction of the Lisa Computer by Apple Inc. in 1983, I began exploring digital media.  I then moved on to using the Macintosh that was introduced in 1984. To this day, I continue to create digital media artwork.  Prior to exploring digital media, I was a collage artist and I also still continue to use cut and paste methods.

I began exploring high end computer graphics and visualization in 1987 when I moved from Stanford University and the Palo Alto, California area to Durham and Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina.  After doing some consulting for awhile, I landed my first job in RTP with Unisys Corporation, a government contractor to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)’s National Data Processing Division (NDPD). From 1987 - 1992, I had the opportunity to become the founding visualization expert at the U.S. EPA’s Scientific Visualization Center (now part of the US EPA Environmental Modeling and Visualization Laboratory).  After Lockheed Martin Technical Services won the US EPA NDPD government contract in 1993, I worked for Lockheed Martin as a Lead Scientific Visualization Researcher and explored the integration of Geographic Information Systems and Visualization.  I also served as the panels chair of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Graphics (ACM SIGGRAPH) 1996 Conference and the Lead Conference Co-Chair of the Institute for  Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Visualization 1998 Conference.  In 1998, I was surprised to receive a Lockheed Martin Information Support Services President’s Award.  Due to tough financial times, I was laid off from my position at Lockheed Martin in November 2000.


These images depict early scientific visualization work I was involved with creating in the 1990s at the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Scientific Visualization Center